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The Zombie Survival Guide

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Essay Preview: The Zombie Survival Guide

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The Best Book

The best book I have ever read since I have been in high school is "The Zombie Survival Guide". The author of the book is Max Brooks and I read it the summer going into sophomore year. The book is a fictional survival guide about surviving through the zombie apocalypse. Its broken up into many different sections for example, the zombie disease, weapons, vehicles, and survival tactics, I personally think this is the best book and my most favorite. The book is very descriptive and goes into a lot of detail about every topic. The book also has some humor and funny stories about encounters with the living dead. Not only is it a survival book against the living dead, but it could be used for a basic survival guide for real life situations. I really enjoyed this book, its one of my all-time favorites. I recommend this book to anyone.

I, Jack Mihoff

My name is Jack and I am 69 years old. Believe it or not, I am the oldest brother of 5 brothers. No sisters. I am named after my father but not legally considered a "jr". My mother and father didn't add the "jr" after my name on the birth certificate. But you can consider me a junior just to make it easier in case you call my parents for any reason this year. Things I like to do out of school is go home and relax most of the time after school. I complete my homework and then start my hobbies. My #1 favorite hobby to do is play my guitar. I have been playing for about 2 ½ years now. I play both classical and electric guitars and I am in a band. I also really like to play basketball and watch it on television.



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