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Political Affects on an Ebusiness - Economical: Surviving the Downturn

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Essay Preview: Political Affects on an Ebusiness - Economical: Surviving the Downturn

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As online business, by its very nature, is global then the affect of these four areas of concern can be different from country to country. If you are planning to sell abroad you need to have done your home work as to the rules and regulations that apply.

Political Affects on an eBusiness

How does politics affect the eBusiness world? Unfortunately politics can affect your eBusiness and the products you sell because politicians make the laws. So if the law changes regarding products that can be sold in the country you are shipping to or products that can be sold online you will need to know and take appropriate action.

For UK sales and marketing the political effect on the business should be minimal as long as you stay within the law. Although you will need to make sure you are covered as regards any age restrictions. Or products (such as alcohol) that might not be legal in the country that the website is viewed. If you decide to start selling abroad then you will be required to look at the laws in the areas you are wishing to market so that consumer rights are taken into account.

Economical: Surviving the Downturn

Most businesses online and off realise the affect this aspect has on their business now more than ever. Credit crunch, recession or whatever else the economists call it the world of business online and off is worried about what the future holds. Monitoring your cash flow and more importantly your profit is crucial. Even in times of economic hardship you can find that you are making great returns on investment and just because the world is cutting back on its marketing it doesn't mean you have to.

Although in the middle of a "recession" online B2C & B2B sales appear to be steady, if not rising, as consumers are looking to get the higher value product at a lower cost. The only economic issue's you may need to be concerned with is the resourcing of the project and plans. Baring in mind we are in a "credit crunch" you may wish to rethink your pricing to be more competitive.

Social Effects on Your eBusiness

Social networking has become massive in a very short period of time. Social awareness of the world's environmental needs affects the products that many people buy. What was popular and acceptable 30 years ago is not today.

This one is harder to predict. Who would have thought facebook or myspace would be as big as they are (its reported that in the USA myspace has overtaken Google as the nations favourite web resource)? Or SMS messaging would take off? If though your web business has a social impact you may need to build in damage control should that impact turn negative. Noticing shifts in the online market may benefit you if you are looking to develop new areas



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