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Abortion Case

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Essay Preview: Abortion Case

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Some say abortion is murder, people against abortion strongly believe that abortion takes away life and, it is morally wrong. On the other side you have pro abortionists, people who believe it is the women's choice to go threw with the pregnancy or not. It's the woman's body though and she has the right to do what ever she wants with her body. Especially since pregnancy could be a fatal health risk to her, or if she can't financially, or mentally care for a child.

People call abortion murder because you're stopping the process of pregnancy; which means you're destroying the embryo or fetus. People who are against abortion; say the fetus is a separate human being so when you stop the pregnancy you're stopping what pro life believers call a baby. Pro abortionist argue this saying the fetus is not an individual because it is connected to the mother with the placenta there fore it is the women's right to terminate the pregnancy and it's not murder until birth has occurred. The issues with this argument are when one considers a fetus a person. Some don't consider the fetus a person on the central nervous system is developed because once the nervous system is developed the fetus can feel pain and will be able to feel the abortion process. From a religious perspective once conception has occurred it means the fetus is a baby or an individual person, making it wrong for abortion.

The reason abortion should be legal is for woman who are raped or for teenagers who are too young for a baby. 59% of woman who are raped become pregnant therefore it's important for those woman to have an immediate choice to stop the pregnancy. Abortion can also be good for a young female who can't raise a child for different reasons. For example a teenager financially can't support a baby, or even mentally be able to care for a baby. Another reason for a young girl to have the option of abortion is the fact that her going threw with birth could have fatal health risks to her and the baby. Pro life people believe there's always the option of adoption, but some woman fear that there baby could end up with a troubled family or even the fate of foster care. So it's important that the woman can still choose abortion. In my opinion many woman should be able to obtain these abortion services, because unwanted pregnancy turns into unwanted babies, which are often neglected. Abortion is needed for many women who do not believe they can care for a baby. It's also the woman's body and she has the right to do what she wants with her body.



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